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About Rotterdam, Guide and Tourist Attractions
(Rotterdam, South Holland, Netherlands)

Located only 30 minutes from The Hague and an hour from Amsterdam, Rotterdam is a very modern city and is strikingly different from traditional Dutch cities.

Initially a fishing village, Rotterdam survived air strikes during WWII and has gone on to house the most important harbour in the world.

What to do in Rotterdam

In late January or early February, the International Film Festival kicks off a 10-day screening of 300 films. These are shown on over 15 screens located in cinemas around the city's centre. Another key attraction is the Summer Carnival, which is held on the last weekend in July.

Holland Casino is one of the country's ten legal casinos and can be found in Rotterdam.

Panoramic views of the city and the harbour are available in Central Park at the Euromast Tower.

Tourist Attractions

Traces of pre-war Rotterdam can be glimpsed in the Old Harbour as well as Delft Harbour. The latter is a quaint section of town still containing a windmill and gabled houses in addition to more modern galleries, cafés, and bars. Here, you will also find the Admiral Piet Heyn statue (commemorating a famous Dutch naval hero) and the Pilgrim Fathers Church, where tourists can experience what Rotterdam was like pre-WWII.

The Rotterdam Art Gallery, Nederlands Architectuurinstituut, and the Boijmans Van Beuningen Museum are all located at the Museum Park. The Art Gallery has a plethora of information about its artwork and hosts temporary exhibits in a large, multi-level facility. Boijmans contains early specimens from many famous artists, while Nederlands Architectuurinstituut is home to many architectural works. The Museum Park can be reached via a comfortable walk from the Eendrachtsplein metro station.

At the heart of Rotterdam city, the Arboretum Trompengurg Park offers respite from the rush of the city. Visitors will find flowers and trees from around the world in a serene setting - perfect for a spot of relaxing.

Rotterdam Port

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